Active Care Plans

Let Jala Design maintain your WordPress investment

Never worry about your WordPress site again by letting us do it all – from development, to security, to site updates, and more!

  • Plugin testing & updates We keep tabs on any updates your website can throw at us. Whether it's theme or plugins, we monitor, test, and apply updates to keep your site stable and secure.
  • Security updates All plugin vulnerabilities will be patched as soon as notification of the flaw has been made official.
  • Realtime cloud backups We take great care with your site backups. All your files and database backups are transmitted over encrypted connections and stored at AWS, the most reliable and secure platform on the web.
  • Client report Detailed reports outline updates that have been applied, support provided, performance updates, SEO keyword rankings and security activity and site recommendations.
  • Sucuri scan & clean-up Sucuri is the standard in WordPress security. Our Monthly and Premium plans get access to Sucuri malware monitoring. In the rare instance a site gets hacked, we clean it up for you too.
  • WordPress core updates The latest WordPress updates tested and installed on your site with the utmost care. We always ensure that you’re running the latest, most secure software - void of compatibility issues.
  • Browser / Device compatibility Cross browser compatibility and testing is important to ensure consistency across the different browsers and to ensure your providing your visitors with a great user experience.
  • Professional advice We can handle a lot more than code and design. Partners get exclusive access to collaborating with our team to make your next project a huge success.
  • Spam & revisions clean-up As your MySQL database grows it can slow down your website performance. We take care of this for you.
  • Uptime monitoring If your website goes offline for any reason, our team knows about it the minute it happens. We can start working on a resolution before you have time to send us an SOS email.
  • Log server errors Error logs from your hosting environment will be tracked daily to ensure no problems arise.
  • Speed tracking Slow sites will not only frustrate your visitors, they’ll get you penalised by Google. We make sure your site is running quickly and efficiently with optimal performance.
  • Database optimisation Your WordPress website’s performance is vital to your visitors and for search engines. By performing database optimisations, we significantly reduce the risk of database and data corruption.
  • Log user actions With realtime activity tracking, we can see what's happening on your website in realtime. This helps us troubleshoot and diagnose issues and bugs at breakneck speed.
  • Contact form testing We will test that your contact forms are working to ensure that no potential data is lost in transit.
  • Broken Link Monitoring All links within your website will be monitored to ensure they are working correctly for your users.
  • Subscription testing Confirmation will be made to ensure that your subscription data is syncing through to your email platform as required. We love both Campaign Monitor and MailChimp!
  • Search Console monitoring In order to not receive any SEO penalties, Jala Design will notify you when crawl errors are found by search engines.
  • Staging server If your website is mission critical, or bugs mean losing readers or money, a staging server allows our team to identify issues before your customers see them.
  • Site-wide validation Your site will be checked for markup validation.
  • Accessibility scanner We'll scan the web pages found within your site in search of accessibility issues.
  • Priority support Get your ticket moved to the front of the line every single time. Using special flags, Premium Active Care clients have their tickets prioritised for extra speedy assistance.
  • Conversion advice Suggestions will be made in order to increase conversion rates based on your Google Analytics tracking events.
  • Ongoing virtual meetings Monthly meetings will be scheduled in to provide regular insight into your website performance and tasks which have been completed.
  • eCommerce testing We will test that products can be purchased from your website without any issues in the checkout process.

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