Our team of talented designers and developers have gained extensive experience within the industry, working for high flying blue-chip clients, the public sector as well as smaller economy class business. Whatever your size or industry sector we will be able to offer you innovative and creative solutions.

What sets us apart from the pack is our focus on quality. It’s in the work we do, our processes, our attention to detail and our people. We’ll love your brand just as much as you do. It all adds up to a solution that meets your objectives and delivers great results. We’re open, honest and transparent types too.

Our philosophy is to build a great relationship with the people who matter in your organisation – from internal marketing, HR, operations and fulfilment to the executive team. Whatever it takes to help you achieve your objectives and deliver on your strategy.

Jarrad Langdon

Jarrad has always had an interest in computers and design. When he was offered an apprenticeship at a local design firm he keenly embraced the opportunity presented to him. After completing several TAFE courses Jarrad’s talents have resulted in success both locally and internationally. The pinnacle of this success was his gold medal in Website Design at the WorldSkills International Competition, Helsinki 2005.

Apart from being the trip coordinator for Jala Design, Jarrad is now passing on his talents to future designers by teaching design skills within TAFE NSW at the Hornsby Campus. Jarrad has also proudly continued to promote Apprenticeships as an Australian Apprenticeships Ambassador. He continues his involvement with WorldSkills Australia as a board member, regional/national judge, regional/national project designer and International Chief Expert.

Jarrad is a proud member of the Parramatta Eels (cue laughter) and attends all home games on a regular basis. In his spare time, he can be found experimenting with eating new foods, sipping on a black coffee or enjoying quiet drinks with mates. Watch out for his Table Tennis killer slam!

Fabricio Munoz

Fabricio has been evolving within the IT industry for over 10 years. He has enjoyed multiple aspects of this ever-changing industry – from hardware and networking support to software and systems development. After working in many IT fields Fabricio is now focusing on his strength and passion of the web development industry. He joined the Jala Design team in June 2013 after graduating from a Bachelor of Systems Engineering and a Diploma in Web Development at Sydney TAFE. Fabricio enjoys keeping his knowledge up to date and in front of industry standards.

Fabricio originally hails from Peru and moved to Australia in 2007 to explore the other side of the globe and expand his horizons in different aspects of life.

When not building websites, Fabricio can be found playing sports, whether it be at the local tennis courts or exercising with the soccer ball at the park. Watch out for his Table Tennis spin – it’s quick!

Gabriel Fraser

Gabriel has always been interested in IT ever since he was a child. He is a passionate self-taught developer and is currently a TAFE student on his way to achieving his Diploma of Web Development. He has achieved his Certificate III at TAFE NSW in Web and Software Applications whilst completing a TVET course at Hornsby.

Gabriel is a relaxed, friendly guy who is always up for a chat. He is a caring and giving guy who will give up almost anything to help others. When it comes to his coding, he knows how to write well-written code that’ll get the job done right.

When Gabriel isn’t working, he loves “cracking a cold one with the boys”. He enjoys travelling and capturing a beautiful nature shot. His Table Tennis skills are naturally beautiful and are unpredictable.

Kevin David

Kevin has always been involved in different branches of technology but found his utmost interest in computer programming. Originally holding a bachelor’s degree in Avionics Technology, he started learning through online courses and has enjoyed creating small web projects. He likes to keep a learning-doesn’t-stop mindset.

Kevin is originally from the Philippines and has since moved to join his family in Sydney. He is an outgoing person who likes to travel the world, meet new people and experience different cultures. He believes that being able to create in whichever way makes life more fun and has found that in coding.

When Kevin isn’t trying to learn something new in front of the screen, he likes to go out with friends and enjoy a nice cold drink or he can be found out in the parks with family. He’s new to playing table tennis so you better watch out for his beginner’s luck!

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