Our team of talented designers and developers have gained extensive experience within the industry, working for high flying blue-chip clients, the public sector as well as smaller economy class business. Whatever your size or industry sector we will be able to offer you innovative and creative solutions.

What sets us apart from the pack is our focus on quality. It’s in the work we do, our processes, our attention to detail and our people. We’ll love your brand just as much as you do. It all adds up to a solution that meets your objectives and delivers great results. We’re open, honest and transparent types too.

Our philosophy is to build a great relationship with the people who matter in your organisation – from internal marketing, HR, operations and fulfilment to the executive team. Whatever it takes to help you achieve your objectives and deliver on your strategy.

Jarrad Langdon

Managing Director

Jarrad has always had an interest in computers and design. When he was offered an apprenticeship at a local design firm he keenly embraced the opportunity presented to him. After completing several TAFE courses Jarrad’s talents have resulted in success both locally and internationally. The pinnacle of this success was his gold medal in Website Design at the WorldSkills International Competition, Helsinki 2005.

Apart from being the trip coordinator for Jala Design, Jarrad continues his involvement with WorldSkills Australia as a board member, regional/national judge, regional/national project designer and was previously in the position of Chief Expert Internationally. During his time as the Australian Expert, he helped mentor competitors to both a Silver and Bronze medal internationally.

Jarrad has proudly continued to promote vocational education as a member of the Australian VET Alumni Advisory Group. He also sits on the working group for IT with PwC’s Skills for Australia. This working group ensures the review of the national vocational and educational training products in IT are industry relevant, fit for purpose and fulfilling the skills needs of industry today and into the future.

Jarrad is a proud member of the Parramatta Eels (cue laughter) and attends all home games on a regular basis. In his spare time, he can be found experimenting with eating new foods, sipping on a black coffee or enjoying quiet drinks with mates. Watch out for his Table Tennis killer slam!

Fabricio Munoz

Lead Developer

Fabricio has been evolving within the IT industry for over 10 years. He has enjoyed multiple aspects of this ever-changing industry – from hardware and networking support to software and systems development. After working in many IT fields Fabricio is now focusing on his strength and passion of the web development industry. He joined the Jala Design team in June 2013 after graduating from a Bachelor of Systems Engineering and a Diploma in Web Development at Sydney TAFE. Fabricio enjoys keeping his knowledge up to date and in front of industry standards.

Fabricio originally hails from Peru and moved to Australia in 2007 to explore the other side of the globe and expand his horizons in different aspects of life.

When not building websites, Fabricio can be found playing sports, whether it be at the local tennis courts or exercising with the soccer ball at the park. Watch out for his Table Tennis spin – it’s quick!

Christian Luntok

Christian had an interest designing, developing websites and obtained a Diploma of Website Development at Hornsby TAFE. He continues to be up-to-date with both design and development trends.

Christian is a quiet, friendly guy who likes to smile all of the time. He loves to help others to the absolute best of his abilities.

When Christian’s not on the job, he likes to go out and try different foods, loves watching either movies or series, playing video-games, making comics and singing covers. When it comes to table tennis, be careful with his dangerous corner shots.

Christianne Marie

Christianne has always been interested in how things work ‘behind the scenes’ which led her to pursue a career in programming. She completed a Certificate III in ICT after migrating in Australia, continuing with Certificate IV and finally obtaining a Diploma in Software Development at Hornsby TAFE. Expanding her knowledge in the industry and also having an interest in art and creativity, Christianne started exploring the world of web development which allows her to both utilise coding and design skills.

Originally from the Philippines, she migrated with her family to Australia and has been happily living here. Christianne is a shy but cheerful person who’s passionate about learning new things.

When not in the office, Christianne likes to spend her time doing digital art. She also likes to learn new dances and watch movies and series. In table tennis, she’s still a newbie compared to the others but she is set on improving and beating everyone!

Liam Mills

Liam has had a keen interest in technology from a young age. He is a dedicated developer who completed a Certificate III in Web & Software Applications whilst completing his HSC and achieved 4th in the state. Liam then went on to obtain both a Certificate IV and Diploma in Web Development after finishing High School.

Liam is an easygoing but hard-working developer who is always happy to help fellow team members. He has a keen eye for detail and likes creating websites with a minimalist feel. Liam enjoys constantly learning new practices in the web industry and applying them to create better experiences for users.

Outside of work, Liam can be found producing music, playing video games or hanging out with mates. When playing table tennis, you had better watch out for his chicken wing returns.

Jay Ahn

Jay had always been fascinated by the web’s ability to open gateways to distant parts of the world. He experimented with web builders and blogging platforms, but took a more serious interest once he started a Certificate IV in Web-based Technologies. Taking a keen interest in both the frontend and backend processes of web development, he went on to complete a Diploma of Web Development. Jay is excited to continue learning and see where the growth of web technologies is headed.

Jay loves to solve problems and often has a hard time stopping until he figures things out. Having worked in the hospitality industry, he is accustomed to making sure every customer or client has their needs met, and this attitude is translated to all areas of his work and life.

Outside of work, Jay enjoys visiting various cafes, drinking too much coffee, sketching, or simply enjoying a relaxing walk in the sun. His table tennis skills are still clumsy and uncouth, but he is slowly learning the more civilised ways from his peers.

Arianne Milan

Arianne has always been intrigued by the creative processes behind developing a website. After high school, she went on to do a Bachelor of Cyber Security and Law. However, after undertaking a unit in website design, she decided to pause her university studies to pursue the world of website development, and is now doing a traineeship with Jala Design. This great opportunity has allowed her to gain industry experience whilst studying a Certificate IV in Web Development at Granville TAFE.

Arianne is an easygoing and enthusiastic learner. She loves being challenged by complex tasks and learning new things from her peers.

After a busy week in the office, you’ll find Arianne relaxing at home, watching anime, baking, and singing. She enjoys everything about Summer, so on warm days she’ll be out and about exploring new places, trying new food, and going on long trips. When it comes to table tennis, she’s still a rookie, but she’s pledged to refine her skills, beat everyone, and represent Jala Design at the Olympics!

Gus Costa

Gus’s design journey started in 2010 with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design which paved the way for his passion for development. He is always interested in how things work behind the scenes and how the user experiences products and focuses on achieving the best outcome possible. He has since furthered his studies with a Diploma in Website Development at TAFE NSW and a Diploma in Information Technology at Coder Academy. Gus is consistently looking for ways to improve his skills keeping an eye out for new technologies.

Gus arrived in Australia over a decade ago from Brazil. He is resilient and dedicated to accomplishing goals with both quality and excellence in mind at all times. Gus respects everyone’s individualities and ideas and loves to participate in the community.

When not at work Gus likes to eat out, play his guitar and organize barbecues on the weekend with his friends and family. He is also passionate about wines and coffee and loves to take walks with his wife and his two sausage dogs. Be wary of his “penhold grip” when challenging him for some Table Tennis.

Raphael David

Raphael has been obsessed with technology and computer games from a very young age. He decided to take on tutorials about programming – eventually specialising in web development languages after starting to create his own websites as a hobby. Raphael is currently a university student, completing his Bachelor of IT Computer Science in QUT, providing a good foundation for his programming knowledge. Raphael is very keen on learning new technologies and expanding his knowledge every day.

Raphael is a determined problem-solver and never gives up until a solution has been determined. He is always down to trying out new things and is ready to risk it all. He likes having an enjoyable environment with his co-workers, having small talk and having fun.

Outside of coding, you will find Raphael playing sports, especially basketball, going to the gym, or hanging out with his pretty girlfriend. Most of the time you will find him in his room playing video games or trying out a new framework. His table tennis skills are still in the works, but watch out! He is rapidly improving his spins and smashes, and is on his way to being number one!

Aryan Maharjan

Aryan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and started coding during high school, where he was introduced to web design in Year 10. After high school, he pursued studies in Information Technology in Australia, where he gained essential skills. His enthusiasm for web development flourished during a college development course.

Originally from Nepal, he relocated to Australia for educational purposes, attracted to the cultural dynamics of the workplace that facilitate the exchange of traditions from various parts of the world. He finds immense joy in learning about different cultures and traditions.

Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with friends, engaging in activities such as watching anime, travelling, photography and playing video games. Exploring new foods and coffee places is a favourite pastime. Aryan is dedicated to perfecting his backhand spins in table tennis, aiming to become the number one player in the Jala Design team.

Finn Middleton

Finn has had a knack for fixing other people’s computer problems from a very young age. As a young boy, he has been fascinated with technology & has a very keen interest in understanding how computers make our world work. After graduating high-school, Finn went on to pursue his interests in Computer Sciences by studying Harvard’s online programming course, CS50. Before eventually completing a Certificate IV in IT Web Development at TAFE NSW.

In addition to his studies, he also has a background in social work, where he practiced supporting young people to help them overcome many of the difficult hardships that life presents. Finn takes a lot of pride in his work & commits himself to helping and understanding others.

Beyond the office walls, Finn can often be found trying new foods, pursuing new experiences and complimenting other people’s dogs. He is passionate about making the most out of life & looks forward to every opportunity to make a new friend. Finn’s table tennis skills can be described as abysmal, however, he has the confidence and enthusiasm to challenge anyone on the team and isn’t afraid of giving 110%.

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