eCommerce continues to travel at an amazing pace, with the Australian online transaction count setting record after record – year after year. As simple as online shopping may sound, eCommerce systems without turbulence requires a range of specialised online disciplines.

How you display your products is often as important as the system that controls it. We take special care to make sure your products are easily accessible, product details are easy to understand, the photos of your products are aesthetically appealing and ultimately make sure that the purchase process is a quick and efficient journey for your customers.

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Self Management

Truly successful eCommerce websites are designed specifically for each business’ products and needs. Off-the-shelf template systems are cumbersome and extremely slow. They often have dozens of features you will never use and are missing key features you actually need. One size does most definitely not fit all, and a bad fit can become a very uncomfortable and costly trip for your business.


Data Movement

Managing inventory in-store and online can be a painful operation for many businesses. Our team of dedicated programmers can work with almost any POS or inventory system required. By centralising and linking to your current systems, users can easily know if the products they want are available.

Reporting & Metrics

eCommerce sites are not only about the initial sales. Understanding how to make your site more effective means understanding how your users travel within the site. Jala Design is able to integrate your eCommerce system with analytic packages in order to display you with the statistics you require.

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