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Email campaigns are like sending a postcard from your journey abroad. It’s a quick and effective way of keeping your customers informed of what you and your business have been up to. Before you jump to conclusions, no, we’re not talking about spam. We’re talking about good quality, interesting reading material to remind people who you are, what you offer and why they should stick with you along their own little adventure.

But we’ve got news for you – email marketing is better than a postcard. Your results can be tracked, you can reach your audience in seconds and your customers can respond immediately. Best of all, the messages you send out can easily be forwarded and socially shared, increasing the opportunity for more people to learn about you and what you’re doing.

So whether it’s just a quick announcement on the latest special deal, an email newsletter to build a relationship with your customer or a catalogue email to remind them what’s on offer, Jala Design has you covered. We’ll help you to decide what will work best for you and then provide you with your own reporting system account so you can keep track of each campaign.

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Flight Clearance

But just a little reminder; you can only email subscribers if you have obtained their permission.  You don’t want to get caught out on this, so make sure they either: opted in via your website, completed an offline form and indicated they wanted to be emailed, they gave you their business card or they purchased something off you in the last 2 years.

Travel Statistics

Jala Design will provide you with your own reporting system account so you can log in and see a comprehensive range of results on each campaign we send when it suits you. Easily see who opened your email, who clicked a link, who forwarded it to a colleague, and oh so much more.

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